2011-06-15 10-50-44
Stephan Schevers
Add tabs in service studio
Service Studio
OutSystems 5.1

It would be very handy to have tab like interface (like Visual Studio) to quickly switch between the differrent screens, actions, flows instead of double clicking every time you need to be there.

This creates a beter overview during development.

Im pretty sure this has already been discussed although I cant provide an exact link at the present.
Hi João,

I'm very pleased to share with you you very goods news about what we are doing regarding a richer and easy to use modeling environment - Service Studio. Take a look into the new cool things that will become avaialable soon.

Have fun!

Manuel Dias
2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer

Do I see it correctly that it will become possible to open multiple eSpaces in one Service Studio instance ?
That would be beautiful !

By the way, forget about the all-how-to's ... )


Will it also be possible to enable the debugger across several espaces?

This has just been released with 5.1.1!

Download it at https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/443/.
I've just tried the Service Studio 5.1 and the available tabs feature only allows to have several eSpaces open in direfents tabs.

What was requested originaly was to be able to have several tabs with screens, actions, flows, etc, from the same eSpace just like you find in several other IDEs.

When developing a feature, you don't need to change only a screen or a action, you have to change several.
Having the ability to have those several screens and actions opened at the same time in different tabs gives you the context of what you are working on without the need of being swapping between them constantly.

I think this would give a big productivity boost.

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