Advanced Query Editor - position of cursor

Aggregates & Queries
on 23 May 2010
OutSystems 5.1

Place cursor after the inserted entity/attribute.

When dragging an entity attribute into the advanced query editor, the cursor is placed before the just inserted attribute.

Place the cursor after the inserted attribute, so you can continue editing where you left off immediately. (now you have to hit END or use cursor-keys)

Created on 29 Apr 2010
Comments (4)
This has never happened to me.

Service Studio has always placed the entity attribute in the query and placed the cursor after the attribute with a blank space before it.
It is indeed an issue present at least in version .

I'll bring it over to our maintenance team! Thanks for the heads up.
Already fixed. Should come out in one of 5.0.2.'s next releases.
Released on version