Service Studio's interface looks blurry

Service Studio
on 19 Jul 2011

Service Studio's interface (labels,images,font...) in 5.1 looks blurry compared to 4.2 or Integration Studio 5.1.Maybe it is a new font but they look (weirdly) different.
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Created on 27 Aug 2010
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Erm, what is the idea you are suggesting?

What I only see now, that you experience a "defect".

I am suggesting it would be nice to have the same font as versions <= than 5.0. I attached an image where you cand see differences, and I personally believe that the blurry version is not very nice.
I agree with Joost, this is more a defect than a change request or a new feature.
Sent to Support.
Do you have a LCD screen? If you do, make sure you enable ClearType and then adjust it to your liking.
This was a problem with older versions of .NET Framework 3.5 and WPF. This is fixed now.