Ability to bump all downstream nodes in a flowchart
Service Studio
Development Environment 9.1.613.0

I like the way that when you insert an element in a flowchart and there isn't quite enough room, that it "bumps" everything down to make room for it.

I would like a way to do that myself, on purpose - to grab or click on a node and use a modifier key (Shift? Alt?) to move everything "downstream" of that node like the automatic insertion seems to.

This would be very handy with Switches in particular :)


Have you tried to Shift+Ctrl+Click a node? It will select that node and all nodes after that one. Just drag them afterwards.


I talked with Tiago, and he told me the trick for this: Ctrl+Shift on the node and then you can move the whole branch :)

Haha, sorry, Miguel - yes, that's perfect.

Is there a way to discover all these tricks before I embarrass myself on the Ideas page? :)

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Cheers for the suggestion Ritchie!

As Miguel Domingues said, this has been in the product for a while now :)

Hi Ritchie,

Yes there is! On the Help menu of Service Studio you have the Keyboard Shortcuts. There you can find that info.

Wow, I knew most of these, but there are a few surprises in the list; thanks, Miguel :)