Multi-view entity diagram screen tabs
OutSystems 6.0
Add the feature to display and save multiple entity diagram screens.
When the user clicks on the "Entity" diagram icon, the user should be able to create and save a new entity diagram screen. The new entity diagram screen will be saved under a new tab, from here the user can navigate and view selected entity diagram screens by clicking on the entity diagram tabs.
2013-05-16 15-48-18
Instead of the button on the toolbar to show a single diagram, show the diagrams in the Entities folder of the eSpace tree and add a "Add New Entity Diagram" option to the context menu of the folder.

Merged from 'Allow to create multiple entity diagrams' (idea created on 2010-12-15 09:05:31 by Gustavo Guerra), on 2011-03-18 15:55:18 by Rodrigo Castelo
With 6.0 you can create any number of entity diagrams in your eSpace so you can better segment how you visualize you data model.

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