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Right now when a user navigates to a URL that is not associated with a page or the URL for a page that has been removed, you end up at an ugly 404 page located in /customHandlers/

As seen in this forum post you can edit the custom Handler's page directly, but my understanding this would change it for all apps, and doesn't seem possible in a Cloud environment.

It would be nice if we at least had the option of configuring the 404 page, similar to the Invalid permissions or Internal error pages. Especially if one of the inputs of this page was the originally attempted URL, meaning we could redirect the users if they were attempting to go to an old screen that was removed, but the content is now elsewhere.


Created on 5 Jun 2018
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Yeah, would be great to have some customization, like they already have on their own website :)

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You can create your own custom 404 page but you have to use HTML.

Just wondering how?

And is that available for Outsystems cloud instances?

A generic 404 would be great with an option to upload 404 images with some custom text.

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On our radar

Hi Jordan,

Indeed setting 404 pages should be easier (and possible in cloud environments). We'll keep this idea on our radar to be implemented in the future.


Tiago Simões