Custom 404 error page
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is there a way to create my own 404 error page for my app? I know I can create a custom application error page, but the 404 is always taking me to the customhandler error...

I've read an arcile about it, but it includes configuring IIS, and before doing something like that, I'm trying to keep is simple :)


Thank you
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The platform redirects to the customHandlers/notfound.aspx page. You can manually customize that page (or any other in the "C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\customHandlers" folder) with your own.

Also you can use the platform to genenerate your own page and just set IIS to redirect it there.
See this topic with the instructions on how to do that.

João Rosado
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Does anyone have thoughts on how to do this in an Outsystems Cloud Java environment?

I suppose if you wanted to get real crazy, you could potentially perform a workaround by front-ending your load balancer with yet another proxy server (yaps?) which would detect upstream error codes and then display static HTML error pages based on the URL and the error code which was returned. This would not be my recommended approach for performance reasons, but it is a possibility if you absolutely must have this functionality.