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OutSystems UI

Can you please update the default chats to the latest version of highcharts, we are behind 

2018-03-22 14-42-46
Pedro Teixeira
Changed the category to
and the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

Hello Imraan

You are right, we are behind and its time to give some attention to this compnents

We are currently working on it. Not only we are updating the HighCharts library to the latest version, but also making some improvements to the charts usability for both Web and Mobile. 

Stay tuned!

2018-03-22 14-42-46
Pedro Teixeira
Changed the status to
on 27 Sep 2018

Hello Imraan

II'm glad to tell you that O11 was shipped today and there you can find the charts with latest HighCharts version.

Thank you

Thank you! Excited to give it a go

Seems like its outdated again.

Can we update it please?