Improve coherence in Aggregate: Add a New Grouped Attribute
Aggregates & Queries
Development Environment 10.0.826.0


Today, to create a new grouped attribute, you need to open an attribute menu in order to do it, while to add a new attribute (not grouped), you have a column at the end of the aggregate:

The "Add new attribute" in a context menu is not intuitive, and is not coherent with the most used "New Attribute" column.

I would like to see the same behavior: A column at the end of the Grouped section with a New Group Attribute. It would be more intuitive, and would be the same behaviour we alread have in the filters, where an Add Group Filter appears when you have a grouped attribute.

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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Nice one, Eduardo!

We'll take a look at it soon ;)

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on 25 Jun 2018

Hey Eduardo,

Glad to announce that we have implemented this idea in Service Studio 10.0.826.0.

Thanks a lot for your contribution, this will make our developers' lives easier!

As usual, you can find your contribution in the product release notes: