Intelliwarp Naming Error
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 5.1
I am using Entities with underscores in the name ... when I did Intelliwarp to create the child tables it created the query name  "GetEmployeeByProdSalesId" and then used "GetEmployeeByProd_Sales_Id.Count" in the table code.  I vote to always create the query names without any special characters and just use camel case if there is a special character in the entity name.
2013-05-16 15-48-18
It was supposed to work like that, you found a bug. It has been fixed and the fix will be included in the next Service Studio revision after
Hi Rebecca,

Indeed, thanks for reporting the bug. Intelliwarp wasn't supposed to generate wrong code!

I shall mark this idea as "Already Done" and not as "Released", since it was a bug.

But keep the great feedback coming!