LifeTime - Defining Configuration during Deployment Planning

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Today, when there is need to do some configuration in the destination environment of a deployment (site properties, timers, end points, etc), this configuration must be made after the deployment is done.

Would be nice to have a way of preparing those configurations during the planning and see them being applied automatically during the deployment.

Created on 2 Jul 2018
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On our radar

Hello Eduardo,

Thank you so much for your idea.  We are marking this as “on our radar” since we think this is a good idea. We've have been discussing this internally. 

What are the most frequently changed configurations? 


Hi João,

I would say that the most common configurations are consumed/exposed web services End Points, Site Properties and maybe a little less Timers (schedule/activate or deactivate and timeouts). 

Probably in certain situations the necessity to configure connections is also important. This is kind of convered by LifeTime during the execution of the plan. Not sure if this happen in the first or second stage in a 2 stage deployment. But for sure would be nice to be able to let other connections to be also prepared in the plan beside the connection used by the extensions. And I don't remember even if it is possible to actually create a connection or just associate one (but I think the first).

I think those are the most common changes related to deploys.


Thanks Eduardo!

I'd challenge the rest of the community to give feedback here! :)


We are developing an OS application precisely to do this. (still in a early stage)

Already have some ideas structured and can share info internally.