Turn off automatic data preview in aggregates
Aggregates & Queries
Development Environment 10.0.830.0

My idea is to keeping the existing behavior but with the possibility to turn off automatic fetching data.

Suggestion: Button like Test button (advanced queries) inside the aggregator to be able to disconnect or connect to the server.

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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Hi João Pedro Cabaço,

Can you share with us why is this important for you? 


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Aggregates & Queries
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I simply love the "aggregate builder" to query data!

I have one serious problem though, when editing the aggregate/query (filters, attribute formulas, groupbys, etc), sometimes Service Studio will become unresponsive (hang) while I'm making changes as it is trying to execute the query before the change is complete.

Then I have to kill the process with task manager. Luckily the "recovery" feature allows me to start where I left off. Once I did have a scenario where it didn't recover and I lost stuff.

But that aside.

My suggestion is to not automatically execute/run the query on any "on change" event, but rather have a "Execute Aggregate" or "Run Aggregate" button. That way I can make changes to my heart's content and execute when I'm done.

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Hi CJ Vosloo,

Which Service Studio version are you using? 

If Service Studio didn't hang in those situations, would you still feel the need to turn the automatic execution off?


Paulo Ferreira

Merged from 'Use "execute/run" button to test aggregate' (idea created on 13 Jun 2017 03:37:00 by CJ Vosloo), on 06 Jul 2018 09:24:32 by Fernando Moitinho
2016-04-21 20-09-55

Yes, a must have.

1. it sometimes hangs.

2. it hangs when opening the module that has an aggregate in poreview mode

3. it's slow, you don;t always want the preview everytime you change one thing...

it should be a setting though for a user!

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2018

Thanks for the great Idea, we are currently working on it and expect to have it ready soon.

We will keep you posted when is available.

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on 24 Jul 2018

Hey João Cabaço,

I'm glad to let you know that this idea was implemented in Service Studio version 10.0.830.0! 

You can find your contribution in this version's release notes:


Thanks for this idea and keep them coming!

Wow great...just about to request this one too....Good job.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad we are moving towards listening users feedback. 

Where is it actually? Couldn't find it??

Hi Eric,

You can find it under Service Studio preferences.

Edit > Preferences

Let me know if you can't find it.


Thanks so much Nuno Mauricio. Got it. I thought this is by default apparently it is an option. Thanks again.

You're welcome Eric.

Do you mind if I ask you why do you need the deactivate the automatic data refresh? 

You're feedback is very important to us.