2019-03-25 18-36-28
João Guerra
Allow import svg files to web blocks, entities and actions icons
Service Studio
Development Environment 10.0.902.0

Today, there is a painful process to create and change an icon to the web blocks, entities and actions. The icons need to be created in the different sizes (16,24,32px), ensure they are pixel perfectly designed (like in 1999) and convert into a .ico file.

Would be good to have an easier way to do this.

By allowing the import of a vector format (svg) we ensure that the icon will scale and looks great on any size.

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Thanks João,

Cool idea!

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on 21 Aug 2018

Hey João,

I'm glad to announce that your idea has been implemented recently and you can now use svg files that will work in several resolutions. You can find your contributions in latest Service Studio's version release notes:


Hope you like it ;)