Navigation/Tabs in SilkUI make number of tabs dynamic

OutSystems UI
on 27 Sep 2018

Would it be possible to set the number of tabs required by an input parameter on the navigation\tabs webblock? 

Sometimes the standard 5 tabs are not enough and to add more tabs you need to clone and customise the component, adding to your AO count.

Created on 12 Jul 2018
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

Hello Hanno,

With the next OutSystems UI Web framework, the tabs pattern wont have the limitation of number of tabitems (a new child pattern within tabs). Stay tuned and keep your ideas coming!


please add some easy way for us to 

  • change the active tab after user's action
  • display the tab after condition in preparation or after user's action
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on 27 Sep 2018

Hi Hanno

Glad to tell you that O11 was shipped today and there you can find the ability of dynamically add tab-items to the tab. 

Happy coding!


Wonderful news, Pedro! Thank you and the rest of the team for the hard work you guys put in!

Pedro Teixeira, not sure that I am seeing this. Perhaps I just don't know where to find it...