Forum Moderation - Spam Flag

In order to make easier the work of the moderators, should be possible to Flag / Remove a Flag in a post considered as spam. 

OutSystems could use this flag to assess the possibility of removing spam posts and spammers.

Users marked as spammers should be automatically disaproved.

I second this. Specially after one of the latest posts:


I saw at least 5 of those already today. All by different users created today.

We need some kind of tool/option for this.

Also, I found this post Report inappropriate threads, posts, projects and user profiles which is already under the radar.

Abílio Matos

Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2018

Hello Eduardo,

Like I said, we will create a "mark it as spam" action that will allow you to disable, disapprove users and delete all their posts in a straightforward click as well as revert the situation. 



Changed the status to
on 10 Aug 2018

Hi Eduardo,

we did it. 

every time that Admins or MVPs access to a spam post, there is an option in the post to *mark it as spam*:

This action is valid for posts and ideas and it will:

Disprove the user
Disable the user
Delete that post and others user’ posts.
it is possible to revert all the actions like we have in the disable/ enable rule.

Have a nice day.