User defined color for the Popup top bar
OutSystems 5.1
I got this idea from my current project.

We have several apps running in the same server, with different layouts and color schemes (this could even be a development server, which is probably the best example) and I got this issue with the color of the popup editor bar on top.

First with every update you do with core eSpaces (such as EnterpriseManager/Enterprise) who may carry a new version of the RichWidgets eSpace, will revert the color of the bar to the original blue, making so that we need to edit the eSpace everytime there is a new version (which per se isn't a big deal, but with multiple apps running is a bit problematic)

So my idea was to add, in the Web Block Properties (see attached img) for the Popup Editor web block, and optional parameter with color (or CSS style if u really want to improve it a bit further) for the top bar, allowing some more customization of the application

It's a small improvement, but IMO can be a major advantage in development servers or production running multiple apps with different layouts (as is my case atm)
Popup Properties.png
Good Morning Pedro, i think this is a very usefull idea!! 

2016-04-21 20-09-55

isn't override that specific style in the web.css of the application not enough?

afaik, the styles of the richwidgets comes first, then the web.css of the espace then the specific page stylesheet.

so when placing the color in the web.css it should be the last and final style and should be the colour you want....
perhaps even with the !important to it, to make it absolutely sure?
I'm not sure on what the precedence of the styles, but you may have a point

If the web.css of the app is taken into consideration over the richwidgets one, then all e need to do is copy the section of the jQueryUI css and use it in web.css. I'll try it and see

Edit: you are right, it indeed overwrites the richwidgets style (copy pasted the jQueryUI information and changed the color and it worked fine)
I saw an application on the network that allows you to change the color scheme of an application ... maybe you can use something simliar and pass in what colors you want.
2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
Check out for examples on how tyo use the CSS.

These colors are implemented in OutSystems and can be used fairly easy !!