Custom Colors for Tile Icons

OutSystems UI
on 26 Sep 2018

Currently to modify the background colour of a Tile Icon we have to select an existing static entity created:

These can be modified via CSS but if I want a few shades of green I have to use the slots of other static entity names to hold that colour, example use 'Gray' to a green shade colour.
Would be great to add more colours and name them whatever we are comfortable with (no need for fights over purple vs lilac with OS!)

Created on 9 Aug 2018
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I agree, not sure how to solve it nicely with keeping the statics :)

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Hi Andre,

I have two things for you on this one that will be available in the next OutSystems UI Web framework

First, we have increased the  offer of pre-defined colors, meaning that you will count with some gradients. And if that is not enough, all the patterns will count with an extensibility option that will allow you adding that custom color that you need.

Would this help you?

That's great!
Thanks for the update Pedro.

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on 26 Sep 2018

Hello André,

With the release of OutSystems UI Web, we added the possibility of using any color as and Extended Class parameter. This provides a good balance between extensibility and not having 30+ colors in a static entity.


If you're using Silk UI, you can use the transparent color and wrap the Tile in a container with the right background color CSS class.

I hope this helps. Cheers