Assign Control - Double Click
Service Studio
Development Environment 10.0.910.0

Double clicking on the Assign control:

  • If there's only one assign within the 'Assignments', then open up the expression editor for that assignment.
  • Otherwise, do nothing, as it currently does

Most of the time when I'm looking at an Assign, I'm usually interested in the expression of the first assign. 

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Thanks for your idea Nicolaas!

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

Hey Nicolaas,

I'm glad to announce that we are currently working on this (I previously marked it as implemented by mistake but we will have to wait a couple of weeks).


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on 03 Dec 2018

Hey guys,

Glad to announce that this idea was implemented in both the latest Service Studio O10 and O11 versions!

As usual you can find a public thank you to the idea owner in our Product Release notes:

Hope you like it :)

Awesome! Thanks for implementing this... it'll save us all many clicks & mouse movements :)

And it works great by the way!