Need Option to bind a form to table
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We see angularjs have two-way binding to the fields, like that we have to fill our forms to the table where we can directly see the data we are entering going in the table.

Yes, we have an editable table they don't have descriptive manner.

There is no reason why you can't put input widgets in a standard TableRecords if you do not like EditableTable. I do this on a regular basis.


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I think this idea is implemented in Mobile and Reactive web thru the Reactjs framework underneath.

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on 01 Oct 2019

Hi Suraj,

Thanks a lot for your idea.

As Daniël was saying, and as you may already know, last year we've released reactive web apps. There you can bind a form and a list to the same data source. It is also based on React, so it's a lot more interactive. We're advising all customers to create their new applications using it.

Thanks a lot for your ideas and keep them coming.

Tiago Simões