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With REST services, we can open the documentation from the context menu. With SOAP web services, we have to type the URL (which is not easy to find) to get there. It would be great if we had a context menu option "Show Documentation" for SOAP as well.

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Similar to what the platform has for REST APIs, the exposed SOAP services should have a link directly to 

  • .NET: https://<hostname>/<ModuleName>/<WebServiceName>.asmx
  • JAVA: https://<hostname>/<ModuleName>/<WebServiceName> 

Allowing the developer to navigate the methods or the WSDL and validate the final result.

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Hi Kilian,

Thanks for the feedback, we are considering adding this to be consistent with REST web services.


That's great to hear, thanks Fernando.

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on 31 Oct 2019

Hi Kilian Hekhuis,

I'm glad to announce that this idea was implemented and is going to be available on the product in the next release.

Please provide feedback when you have a chance to test the feature.


That's great Fernando, thanks!