Disable EPA in some eSpaces
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 6.0
When we have EPA appearing in all the applications of a server and in one of them we don´t want to use it (because is out of context, for example), we start get some limitations in our work and in our clients needs.
So, I suggest two different approaches:
- We could block this functionality by eSpace, for example, just like we have in the ECT.
- The other option could be the division of the EPA eSpace into a logical and a design layer, in different eSpaces (which is better for all).
However, this option can't be done by us, because it's a closed eSpace.
I hope that Outsystems thinks about this seriously, because is an increasingly problem that with find more and more often.
With 6.0 we've made available a backoffice where you can specify for which eSpaces should the Taskbox be available.

Hi Pedro,

Can you elaborate a bit more regarding this feature?
The changes are dynamic or i need to republish my eSpaces / solutions?
Where can i read more regarding this EPA TaskBox feature?

Hi Pedro,

I'm using Platform Server and disabled the task box in all eSpaces (we use a custom task box) in the backoffice, however it still present in all eSpaces?! I even republished one eSpace to check if that was required, but the little square icon still present....

As a workaround we've hidden the task box with JavaScript... What is the right pattern to follow in this case? What we need to configure to get it to work?

Thanks in advance,