RecordList - “EmptyMessage”; “LineCount”
OutSystems 6.0
Sugeria que as propriedades “EmptyMessage” e “LineCount” da RecordList pudessem aceitar variáveis. Por exemplo, se tivermos definido uma paginação de 50 registos, e de repente o cliente pede uma paginação de 20 temos que percorrer a todas as RecordsList alterar a mão e correr o risco de alguma ficar em esquecimento. Se tivermos uma SiteProperty para a paginação e a associarmos ao LineCount das nossas RecordLists bastaria ir ao ServiceCenter, alterar a SiteProperty e já estava, sem esforço de alterar n páginas, sem esquecimentos e sem ter que fazer novas publicações

Allow properties "EmptyMessage" and "linecount" RecordList accept values of variables
2016-04-21 20-09-55
Erm, translation please? :)
I disagree on the LineCount part.

An array has a number of records that have been added to it.
This is related to the contents and thus should the count be managed by the platform.

What might be a nice feature though is a ' reserved'  amount of memory for the array that would increase by itself if overloaded.

An overload could be reported in analytics indicating the be increased in the code or in a site property.
Both the Empty Message and the Line Count in TableRecords and ListRecords are now expressions and can be changed at runtime.

This was useful to implement patterns such as the Show More pattern in mobile aplications.


Thanks a million, Pedro!

I keep being amazed by your development speed.
Give R&D my compliments!