Create bulk update, bulk insert and bulk delete widgets for sql ops

By Diogo Cordeiro on 12 Nov 2010
Every once and a while, one needs to perform bulk operations on data, and to get the best performance reccurs to advanced queries.

The thing is that these widgets aren't "designed" for this ops (one has to always insert output parameter, when no parameter is required on these cases),

so my suggestion is : Create some new built-in widgets for this ops.

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Bert Leibbrand12 Nov 2010
Hi Diogo,

It's a good plan, which I would like to add an extra viewpoint:

If you want to use the cloud (Amazon) for develop /demo.  It would be handy to "1-click" the database to and later on from the cloud.
This way you keep the entered information like ECT.

Best Regards,

Bert Leibbrand       <><