Don't delete connectors when disabling action elements

Service Studio
on 31 Oct 2018
Development Environment

Currently when elements are disabled (OS 11) the connectors between the other elements are deleted and the disabled elements are disconnected.

I personally quite often test pieces of code like this (before OS11  by using an if statement) and it's a small annoyance having to reconnect the paths every time so I tend to stick to if statements instead as i can easily turn those "off" or "on" without disrupting my flow.

I would be nice to leave the (most logical) path active when disabling elements

Created on 15 Oct 2018
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On our radar

Hey Eric,

Thanks a lot for this idea. We already got that feedback and we are thinking about solving this in the near future!

Stay tuned :)

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

Hey Eric,

Glad to announce that we are currently working on this!

Stay tuned ;)

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on 31 Oct 2018

Hello Eric,

Thanks a lot for this idea. I'm happy to announce that this was already implemented and was released in the latest OutSystems 11 Service Studio version.

You can check a public thank you for your contribution in this version's release notes:


Hope you like it!