Conditional default theme or SCSS support


Once in a while I have a project where 2 (or more) different types of users ( paid/free consumer/business etc) use the same application/flow/pages but require different styling.
I know currently I can:
- make different applications
- make 2 flows
- etc
But these options often result in doing double work

So I can:
- Use a webblock with conditional css (not very pretty)
- Use a class and write seperate code for each case in the css file
The latter will result in unnecessary code in the css file (currently the best option I think thought)

So it would be nice to have a (site property controlled) conditional theme. This way we can make a base them and then base the conditional themes on that.

Alternatively allowing for SCSS would be a nice addition to create user personalized themes in your applications in a pretty way

Created on 16 Oct 2018
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did you also consider swapping the CSS with AddPostProcessingFilter action?

or even AddStyleSheetTag ?


Actually I did not, that indeed would bring me a step closer even though it feels like an unnecessary step.  But for now this helps me a lot thanks man! 

This idea (especially the implementation of SCSS or Less) would bring it all the way home though . 

I agree with you on that ;)

Well here is to hoping it gets implemented %p