2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
[EPA Taskbox] Disable the "Done" button
Frontend (App Interfaces)
OutSystems 6.0
Make it possible (from servicecenter) to disable the "Done" button on the EPA taskbox.
Like it is done with the activities dropdown.
This one can be switched off using site property on EPA Taskbox eSpace.

I would likt this, to not have the possibility for end-users to click on it, while I have my own action-buttons on the webscreens triggering process actions.
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
Feature is implemented in version 6.0+
It can be deactivated in a Site property of EPA_Taskbox.

On top of this, there is also a public API in EPA_Taskbox that you can use to programatically hide the Buttons for specific activity instances. It is called SetActivityVisualization and you usually call it on the OnReady callback of an activity, passing it the ActivityId and the several options.