Ability to work offline

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I would like to have the ability to work off line with out having to upload the file for Intellectual Property.  In doing this I would run off of my local community edition, but later be able to change the server back to the development server when I have a connection again.
Created on 6 Dec 2010
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On the "IPP" part:

What I would like to see is the ability to download an espace from a (licensed) server with the ability to disable IPP.

The idea is, if you have access to the server, you have the IPP rights.

If you have those rights/access already, it seems pointless having to upload the espace to outsystems first.


I'm at the ODC right now and the tech guys I talked with also point to the licensing authentication as the reason for that. I'm pretty sure there can be a work around for this authentication. I would really like to work on my OutSystems projects when I don't have an internet connection.