OutSystems Events app: please improve user experience

Hi all, I've attended NextStep Amsterdam this year and I'll be attending ODC next week. In both cases, I've used the OutSystems Events app to choose which talks to attend to. This didn't go as smooth as I've expected. 

Why? You scroll through the list of talks, you bump into an interesting title and you want to read more about it. You click, you get to the talk details, you read, and you want to get back to the list and proceed. You press back and you are back at the list of talks... but not from where you left it. You are back but at the start of the list. This is in my opinion not desirable. You already scanned through all the previous talks, you just want to continue scanning (at least I do :) ) from where you left.

Please, please, please make this happen this week still, make users happy, at least me :)


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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

Hi Pedro

we are working on this idea. I'll let you know when we finish it.  



Hi Ana,

Nice to hear. Good luck.


Hi Ana,

this has been done, as far as I could test in the app. Thanks. It made my life easier :)

this can be marked as implemented.

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on 06 Nov 2018

Done :) thank you