Add more customisable CSS properties
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Just in general when you are changing the style using the Style Properties. Please include more properties like f.e. gradient background, border style (solid, dots etc.), letter-spacing.

These are just a couple of properties that come to mind, but there can always be more :-)


2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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on 02 Oct 2019

Hi William. We are always listening to your feedback and analyzing how often the properties are used so that we can define which ones we should bring to low-code. Having said that, we didn't implement these properties directly in Styles Editor, but, I’ll mark this idea as implemented because today, we released the new Theme Editor in Service Studio Beta. This new feature has a lot of properties that allow you to quickly change the style of your apps, such as gradient backgrounds, spacing, border styles, and many others.

The new Theme Editor allows you to create unique applications, styled according to your own preferences or your brand’s style, without any CSS, directly inside Service Studio.

We hope you like it!

As always, keep sending feedback and ideas.

Awesome, you rock :-)