Make the ODC presentations available

The ODC was stupendous!!! Good Job OutSystems Crew

But I propose that Outsystems make the presentations available  to the comunity.  
Besides that it is not possible to attend to all presentations due to the parallel sessions

ODC was great and I would also like to see presentations as videos. Please put them just on Youtube :)

Indeed I posted the same question towards the OutSystems' team. Let us all like this idea !

Hi Alberto,

I have received this feedback regarding the presentations of the ODC :

I received the feedback that within two weeks they will be accessible on our website and the attendees of the event will be notified by email about this :)

@Stefan, Great news! Thanks for sharing :-)

@Stefan thank you :) 

Thanks Stefan

Really great news

Great to do it like this, +1

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2018

HI guys,

yes, ODC tracks will be available on the learning session and youtube.



Thanks Stefan and Ana!

Thanks Ana.

Good to Know Ana.

Any news on when the presentations will be available?

Still waiting for these to be officially available. Meanwhile I've browsed through internet & social media and found these:

Hi there,

the content will be available until the end of the week Dec 15th. 



Thanks Mikko.

Thanks Ana. Good to have a deadline!!! ;)

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on 07 Dec 2018

Hello everyone!

I’m very excited to announce the videos from the ODC tech talks are now live on the site, you can find them all here:


Ana Sequeira

Thanks Ana. Good Work! :)