New LifeTime access level "Login"

Should exist an access level before LIST but higher than NO ACCESS, that allows the user to LOGIN in the environment, but not to see any application (both in the environment and in the LifeTime), unless is given access explicitly or through teams.

Hi Eduardo,

Why would that be needed? What use cases are you tryng to solve?

Sorry, but I can't see the added value of your idea. Could you please give more context?


Hello Ricardo,

Today, when you use LifeTime, for an IT user to be able to login in an environment, his default access role must be at least LIST, as the NO ACCESS will prevent the login in the environment even if later we allow access to specific applications directly or through teams.

When we do that, he can list ALL applications, even those that he does not have access to. 

But even if the user can't open the application, he/she should not even be able to see them, for security reasons as well as to avoid clutter the screen list, forcing him to scroll or filter.

There is a "workaround", that is to include all the developers in all the teams, setting the access role to NO ACCESS on the teams where there are applications he shouldn't see. 

The problem is that even this workaround fails on situations where the user needs to be able to reference the application, but shouldn't be allowed to deal with it in Service Studio or in LifeTime.

This new Access Role would allow to overcome the NO ACCESS shortcome that would be allow him to connect to the environment, but see only the applications he/she has access.

This is a very annoying problem in big factories or in factories where the teams change frequently (fast projects or somewhat high rotation of personal), reducing the ammount of work the team managers have to control access, etc.

Hope I was able to clarify the rationale behind the idea. 


I'm enlightened now and your point makes totally sense to me. You have my like! :)


Cool :)


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Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for your idea and share the use case.

This is a topic we've been discussed internally and your feedback makes sense. 

Thank you,

Joao Bento

Yeah, would be a nice feature.

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on 31 Oct 2019


Once again, thanks to Eduardo, the community and customers who help us working on this. The team worked hard to implement this idea in order to simplify the way you configure IT/platform users in large factories, especially if you need to have more control over permissions. 

The good news... is now out there and we actually implemented more!

 LifeTime Oct CP1 release + Platform Server October installed in environments will give you access to this feature and much more: check the documentation to understand how you can take advantage of the new capabilities.