[Combo Box] Allow expression in field 'source Attribute'
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Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP1

Many times the value we need to show in the combo box is a combination of several fields :  'code - name', for example.

The combo box only allows the selection of 1 field of the selected Entity/Record.

It would be great if we could "join" several fields of the selected entity/record.

Now we need to make another query, to build a list with the needed structure.


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Nice idea, Nelson!

I've already felt that need a few times myself.


very good idea, I too faced same issue many times to populate combo box with values like "Category - Sub-Category - Name" etc..

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Nelson,

That's a great idea. Soon we will be launching the next generation of web applications, reusing several features from mobile and adding a couple of others. One of the things that will be available is the dropown widget, which allows you to do exaclty that.

Tiago Simões 

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on 02 Oct 2019

Hi Nelson,

We are happy to announce that your idea has been implemented and made available with the Oct 02nd release.

Below you will find a short description of the Dropdown Widget capability in Reactive Web Apps, from our "Reactive Web: The Next Generation of Web Apps" forum post.

Native Dropdown widget

The Dropdown Widget has a new property Options Content, which you can set to Text Only or Custom. Text Only gives a native look and feel of the dropdown lists in your reactive web and mobile apps. Set Options Content property to Custom to build a dropdown with a list of images or other widgets.

Thanks again for sharing your idea!


As always, it's a joy to contribute to this great platform!

You've made it even better than my original idea. Great work!