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Currently we have a DatePicker from Outsystems, which can only choose a date, and we have some DateRangePicker type components, published by colleagues, but that have some limitations, such as choosing hours or choosing all the formats of dates we usually work on OutSystems plataform.

The idea that I propose, would be to update the OutSystems DatePicker, to choose a range of dates. Somewhat similar to the components that exist, but with these corrected faults.

an example is that with these components I can only format dates of type:

12/01/2018 to 23/02/2019

and would like to be able to present the dates in this format:

12 Jan 18 to 23 Feb 19


Nuno Verdasca

2014-02-07 17-02-43
Vasco Pessanha
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q1 2019


Thank you for suggesting the idea.

In order to deliver the DatePicker faster we decided to bring the top use cases first and postponed a few to a later date, this is one of them! 

We're planning to add support for date ranges and multiple months view soon, during Q1 2019.

Hi guys,

When is the availability of this Date Picker available?

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on 22 Oct 2019

Hi! This feature was released in the Forge on OutSystems UI Web 1.7.9

Please keep your ideas and feedback coming!

My regards