Allow CTRL-Down to move variable assign down when in Value field

Service Studio
on 15 Apr 2019
Development Environment Release 18

These Hot Keys work when in the variable portion, but not the value portion. Add hotkeys to both sections. Sometimes when I'm trying to CTRL-Down to move an assignment down it doesn't work and then I realize it is because I'm on the value portion of the assignment, not the variable.

Created on 14 Dec 2018
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On our radar

Hey PJ M,

Thanks for your feedback!

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q2 2019

Hello Pj M,

We have good news! We've started to work on your idea and it will be released soon! Stay tuned!


Ângela Dinis

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on 15 Apr 2019

Hi PJ M,

I'm glad to tell you that your idea has been implemented! 

With the new Service Studio release, it is now possible to use Ctrl+Down/Ctrl+Up to reorder assignments when the focus is on the Value property of an Assign.

Hope you enjoy it and keep the ideas coming!