Create a variable with the name of the input variable property instead of Var1
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When I copy an input from one webblock or screen to another webblock or screen there is an error because the variable linked to the input does not exist.

Now I can choose to create the local variable with the option"(New Local Variable)" 

The variable will have the name Var1 (Unless there is already a Var1 of course :) )

Why not give the name from the Input variable property, so I the example above the name Locale?

Just like when you copy a button and the action is not there.

Now  create the action with the option "(New Screen Action)"

 The screen action is now created with the Name "PerformSearch" and not with the name "Action1".

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Vasco Pessanha
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I like the idea very much.
But why not copy the variable altogether if it is a local variable? 

Ofcourse it's beter to do that but there are situations you forget one because there are a lot of local variables for example

No. I meant that when copying the input bring together the variable, automatically :)
In any case, I think that set automatically the name of the new variable (and data type) is a very nice idea :)

Yes that would be nice too!

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Hi Johan ,

That's a great usability improvement suggestion.

Although  we are not working on it now, we'll add it to our radar to be tackled in the future.


Tiago Simões

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2019

Hi,  Johan den Ouden!

Just wanted to let you know that we've started to work on your idea!

Stay tuned for the next releases... :-)


Yeah \o/

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on 12 Aug 2019


I'm happy to tell you that your idea has been implemented! With today's version of Service Studio, new local variables created from the variable property of an input widget, inherit the variable name.

Give it a try and leave us your feedback  :-) 

Now, thank you so much and... keep the ideas coming! 

Have a nice week!


Good work! I think it will help a lot.