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Hello people,

In mobile screens, we can insert multiple local and server aggregates.

I'd like to be able to define which one should run first.

I think that putting a space to set the order of execution is sufficient.

The need for this is that, on several occasions, I had to wait for one aggregate to apply the filter to another aggregate.

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Vasco Pessanha
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on 02 Oct 2018

Hi Eduardo,

Thanks for your idea. We've recently released Reactive Web Apps, a new generation of web apps that takes the best of mobile features. With it we've also released several improvements that also apply to mobile. One of them is the possibility of making aggregates depend on other aggregates, and the platform automatically optimizes the order:

You also have the Fetch property, to make some aggregates just run on demand. You can read about these and a lot more improvement in this forum post.

Keep your feedback coming.

Tiago Simões

Very good! I'm glad you heard me on this idea!