Time left and total questions labels in Outsystems certification.


I recently passed one of the online exams and I didn't notice any timers and question counters on the page. Since proctors want a clean desk, one monitor, no devices it's practically impossible to track your time during the exam. Is it possible to add a 'time left' section somewhere on the page or did I just miss it? 

Created on 31 Dec 2018
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This is indeed one of the big frustrations for anyone who has done the exams.


Couldn't agree more, if you aren't prepared for this situation by having a regular watch or similar, having to guess the remaining time is not exactly conducive for stress-free testing.

Hi Roman,

I agree, this idea has been posted earlier by me at https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/3285/web-developer-certification-exam-countdown

I just did the Tech Lead exam, and frankly I got a bit frustated that such an important and easy to fix issue still remains (more than one year later).

This is really a improvement that could help us.

Totally agree on this one!

Reading Márcio Lima's comment above, I think this idea should be merge with his idea, back from the end of 2017:

--Tiago Bernardo