Javascript Editor upgrade (Hint autocomplete)

Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

At this moment you don't get much help with writing your Javascript code. It could be really handy if the editor gets an update with hints and autocomplete. Just like other IDE's or editors have. This would speed up the development and make it a lot easier.

Created on 7 Jan 2019
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Great idea.

There are multiple free/open-source libraries that can add this functionality.

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If possible, with the functionallity the mobile Javascript editor provides. : 

- Using input and output parameters with Outsystems datatypes

- Calling screen actions directly 

This would make so much things much easier. It will remove the annoying and ugly workaround for clicking on hidden buttons to call a screen action via javascript

Validation and colour coding would be a start!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Michiel,

Great idea. We plan to bring the improvements done in mobile to the creation of new web applications soon, which include syntax highlighting, parameters, calling actions, and some validation and some autocomplete with CTRL+Space.

And even better than that: client actions that compile directly to JavaScript, so you don't need to type custom JavaScript so often.

Tiago Simões


I was trying to add some React code, but the editor returns an error, maybe add support for some libraries?