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on 01 Jan 2019

Service Studio should be able to download and install all the dependencies of a module from Forge when we're trying to install it. Not only list all the dependencies.

Created on 13 Jan 2019
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I have been trying for almost an hour to merge this because I was certain that I already put this in. I think I may have submitted it as a bug because that's what it really is.


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on 01 Jan 2019

Hi João

this featured is implemented.



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Hi ,

Thanks for implementing this feature but I am unable to get the dependencies for a component I am trying to install in my personal environment.

As you see below I am trying to install Google drive connector in the environment and it shows a warning that it is missing dependencies but does not give any option to automatically install all the dependencies.

Ravi -

Please file a support ticket, responding to an Idea will not be effective for getting help.



Hi João and Ravi, you have two options to get the dependencies:
1. Use the Forge inside Service Studio. If you install something from there, it will install the dependencies.
2. Use the "Install in Development Environment" button that appears after clicking on the "Download" button on the Forge website.

Unfortunately, currently, if you "Download" the item from Forge, when you try to install it in Studio it will only list the dependencies.
Anyway, we will release an improvement for this in the next months.

Keep ideas coming :)

Sofia Modesto | Product Designer @ Forge