Suggestions for SOAP web service
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OutSystems 6.0
  • Suggestion #1: Change the Time, Date, DateTime Null value in SOAP web service response to conform with standard behaviour i.e "When "Time, Date, DateTime" value is null and it is returned in a web service response, the web service method is to response with no value. This will make outsystems platform conform with standard SOAP web service behaviour rather than the behaviour designed by outsystems platform of returning a non standard null value of 1900-01-01T00:00:00.0000000+11:00. Conforming to standards is important to a company, when working with 3rd party developers, and web services are often used by 3rd party developers (outside of the company that initialize outsystems platform)" 
  • Sugestion #2: Allow the change of Web service target namespace
  • From <Method1 xmlns="">
  • To <Method1 xmlns="">
2016-04-21 20-09-55
I agree to the suggestion (basically give us some more control over the soap)

not sure if the idea is already proposed.

@Joost: Well, we have a suggestion for JSON/BSON, but I think these are two different ideas.

2011-06-15 10-51-22
Joop Stringer
Suggestion #3: Intergrate authentication (without the usage of HTTPReqeust SOAP stuff)

#1 we already suggested for our previous project ... NULL values are not handled correctly by the platform. Optional elements are stuffed in the output.
2011-06-15 10-50-42
David Nunes

With the new version you have more with nilable fields and namespaces.

All the details here .