[Community Forums] Change Top Posters for Top Solvers

As you might know, there is a leaderboard for top posters which aims to "recognize" the people that devote their time to helping others. 

Unfortunately, this has a massive side effect: more often than not, people just post for the sake of getting higher in the ranks of the leaderboard, without any concern for helping the person in need. As the saying goes "quantity doesn't mean quality".

As such, I would like to suggest that instead of having the list of Top Posters, we would have a list of Top Solvers, which would highlight the users who had the bigger number of posts marked as solution.

Hopefully this will increase the overall quality of the answers around the forums.

Let me know what you think

Maybe have both rankings.

I want to believe that some people think that are really helping and not just aiming to reach the top.

Adding to Armando's idea, it would be nice then to distinguish between Last  Month's Top Solvers an All Time Top Solvers.

I agree with Nuno on having both rankings.

I like the idea, but I don't think it will increase the overall quality of the answers. It's rather a minor UI addition.   

I agree with both rankings

We can even have combination of highest number of posters, kudos(thumbs up) received and their posts which are marked as a solution for the particular month.  Based on all these parameters, monthly ranks can be decided.

I beg to differ from the original idea.

I believe the reason of top posters is to encourage the participation of community members. (and not the competition to solve the problem)

On the other hand there could be a moderation on the forum for such irrelevant comment which are solely meant to increase number of points.

I agree just top poster is not good, can have better rating system which can take into account of solutions, kudos etc.

2020-05-28 10-14-19
Susana Ferreira
Changed the status to
Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2020

Hi Armando.

We just started working on your idea, so I set the status to “Working on it”. We expect it to be ready during Q4. I’ll post an update once it’s done!

Thanks again for your great idea!


2020-10-14 13-43-09
Tania Rodrigues
Changed the status to
on 26 Oct 2020

Hi Armando,

We're happy to announce that the gamification was improved in the new Forum experience.

From now on, instead of top posters, we are recognizing the whole user Forum's activity.

The gamification section is displaying the top 10 most active members in the Forums over the last 30 days, considering as activity new posts, replies, thumbs up, thumbs down and answers marked as solution.

Hope you like it!