Display Aggregates in Interface Tree as it is available in Mobile
Platform Server Release Oct.2019 CP6

Within Mobile Development, aggregates are displayed with their contained elements for easy and quick use in screens.

However, within Web Development, you have to switch to the Data tab to find the Entities and then make use of their elements. If you have a calculated attribute, it's not available at all, and you need to reference it from the properties editor.

It would speed up development time even further by having these aggregates available under the preparation or similar.

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on 01 Oct 2019

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your idea. 

Late last year we've released reactive, the next generation of web apps, that brings the best ideas from mobile and builds upon that, to let developers provide a better experience to users. There are also several improvement to the developer experience, and your idea is one of them 

We don't have plans to bring this to traditional web, future improvements will mostly be applied to mobile and reactive.

Thanks a lot,
Tiago Simões