Asynchronous data fetching for web
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I like the mobile asynchronous approach for getting the data. I think I'd be great to have the same feature for web, I would speed up the initial screen loading significantly. 

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2019-04-07 18-26-39
Vitor Teixeira
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on 02 Oct 2019

Hi Roman,

Thank you for your idea!

As you might be aware, fetching data for recently released Reactive Web Apps works exactly the same way as in Mobile apps. Here's an excerpt from our blog post, Reactive Web: The Next Generation of Web Apps, that describes Data fetching.

Data fetching

Instead of using Preparation, you’ll find screen data directly below the screen. Screen data is composed of aggregates, data actions, and variables. Aggregates provide easy access to entities’ data, while data actions can be used for more advanced cases, like fetching data from external services. All these are executed asynchronously and in parallel. This will improve your app’s UX, since there is no need to wait for all data to arrive before starting to display the page.

Thank you again for sharing your ideas!


Hi Vitor,

I can't believe you are closing demands originally opened based on only option to traditional web on OS.

The demands are not for reactive web apps and you don't have any form of automatic convertion to already developed apps, so don't disrespect the community closing their demands about a completely different thing.

HI Márcio,

We understand the frustration of not having all these new features in traditional, or an automatic way to "upgrade" traditional web apps to reactive, and in no way did we mean to be disrespectful

We are closing these ideas also so that we can better understand requirements. Developers who voted or created these ideas may be comfortable with the proposed solutions (e.g. using reactive for new apps or redoing only more data demanding screens, like dashboards).

Feel free to add specific ideas for traditional web, but our current priority is to achieve feature parity between reactive and traditional web (e.g. emails). We will then focus on helping our customers accelerate and achieve the best possible ROI for traditional web apps migration.

Technical paradigm shifts are always hard in any technology, we’ll do our best to support our customers through this journey.

Tiago Simões

Hi Tiago,

As I answered your private message, my main frustration is not don't have some problems solved on traditional web apps, BUT OS closing the very discussed ideas of community in other context, the traditional web apps.

As we can't convert what was already developed, even if were possible many partners will not run the risk, the closing of this ideas is not suitable.

Just my vision as a customer of OS.