Bulk convert Local Variable to Input parameter and vice-versa

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on 12 Mar 2019
Development Environment Release 16

Extending the rationale of this implemented idea, having the option to select multiple variables/parameters and convert them all at once would speed up the process.

Created on 28 Jan 2019
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Note that as a workaround, you can use Ctrl-X (cut) + Ctrl-Shift-V (Paste As), or use the context menu.

Hi Kilian,

You're right, but adding the convert feature was the purpose to avoid having to use that workaround, so I think it would make sense to make it available for bulk selection.


You're right, for the sake of consistency, such an option would be welcome.

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On our radar

Hey Ricardo,

It makes sense to have this operation available in bulk changes (especially in terms of consistency) but we currently don't have plans to do this.

Nevertheless, I'll keep this under our radar.


Thanks for the feedback, Vasco!

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It would be handy to be able to convert multiple parameters to an input or output parameter or change to a local variable (or vice-versa).  Currently you can only do one at a time.

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Sorry I don't understand the workaround.

For example, how can a cut and paste provide the option to change a group of local variables to input parameters?

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on 12 Mar 2019

Hello Ricardo,

We forgot to update this idea, but it was actually implemented awhile ago and now you can simply select multiple variables and convert them into input parameters.

Hope you like it.


Hi Vasco,

I'm glad I could contribute to improving the product. :)

Keep up the good work!


Must be implemented on v11 as I don't have that option but I'm working on a v10 project.

That's right, Sienna.

It's only available in OutSystems 11.

Ah ok, hopefully in the not too distant future I might get to work on v11. ;-P