Invite Eduardo Rêgo to inspire Sunday morning learnings


First of all I want to thanks everyone who is creating this videos for the learning section and the effort they put on it, I would never be a good developer without their help. Very good job and thanks again!

But it would be interesting if we could have a new set of videos (special edition) with the voice of Eduardo Rêgo as narrator. I think it could be a good way to watch a vídeo and an entertaining voice at the same time, maybe even easier to remember thinks for certifications.

Here is a link you can check  and see if you like.

Created on 2 Feb
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I'm following this one. xD

Very funny Mikael! :)

You have my vote and I'm following this idea! 

Wouldn't that be a nice idea to implement! 

Changed the category to Training

Amazing idea!

LOL Good one. Mikael..

I like this one! :)

Is this some Portuguese in-joke?

Kilian, if you haven't understood then it probably mean it is :)

No big secret Kilian,

Every Sunday morning there's a tv series from bbc wildlife and the Eduardo is the narrator. I think I grow up with it and I believe everybody watching it enjoys his voice.

Ok, get it now :).