Facilitate the copying of entity-contents from one server to another (PROD->QUALITY)
OutSystems 5.1
It would be very usefull if the platform would somehow support or at least make it easier to copy all (entity) data from a production-server to (for example) a quality server.

I don't want to copy just the entire database, as this would also include timer-settings etc. which could contain production-paths.

Ideally, there would be an (external) tool which lists all espaces with their entities, and you can check which ones you want to transfer to another database.

Didn't think the day would come when I'd agree with you, but... :) this is also personal request of mine for a very long time.

there must have been a green post-it on your screen, can't imagine what happened else ;)

2016-04-21 20-09-55
I agree with this!
2016-11-21 23-23-05
Gonçalo Borrêga
Won't the 5.1 feature allowing you to split entities per multiple database instance help with this? You can just put some entities on another catalog and then only backup/restore the catalogs you need...

The upcoming "Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas" feature will make this process a lot easier. You can isolate all the entities of a specific application in a separate catalog and only move that across environments.

You will still have to perform some manual work if there are dependencies to outside you application's catalog but this feature will make the whole process a lot easier.

This is now easier in 5.1 due to the "Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas" feature. Some manual work will still be required. Read more about 5.1 in this forum thread.

And, of course, thanks for you feedback!