Allow community member discussion threads on a training video page


It would be nice, that community members can start/read discussions on each training video page on the outsystems.com/learn site.

So what I have in mind is a the page where the video is to have a discussion thread at the bottom of that page.

Created on 16 Feb 2019
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There is a specific forum for Online Courses.

Abílio Matos

Hi Abilio,

I am aware of the forum for the online courses and that is great in its own purpose.

My idea is about keeping the discussion thread near the training material, basically per video on the page of the training video.



Agree. Would be a useful option for newcomers 

Yes totally agree.

It would be  helpful for new users to over come the issue/situation which other might have witnessed during the learning process. :)

I was wishing that this existed when I was following the training!

I 100% agree !. Nice Idea!

It's a nice idea, but a single thread would quickly become unwieldly. It should be more akin the the way Forge component threads are handled.

Hi Kilian,

One doesn't need to exclude the other.

A thread under each video, could still be accessible like Forge component threads.

The Forge component threads are also visible from the Forge, you go to the support tab and see all the threads.



What I mean is, a single thread under a video that's going to be watched 1000s of times will get too long, and unstructured, quickly. It's better to have, like on a Forge component, the possibility to create multiple topics. I definitely like your idea (already one-upped), but it can be even better :)

ok now I understand your original post.

Great idea!

Good Idea!