Javascript Object to place within the Element Tree (web)

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expected delivery in Q4 2019

One can use Javascript in various ways within Outsystems. When using Javascript on the screen after a specific object you can use a webblock/Container or expression after the desired object. There are a few things that have to be done; 

- Use a webblock or container
- Using an Expression without any syntax checks
- Adjust the style = "display: none;"

I think it could be helpful to create a some sort of placeholder object that can be used in the element tree at the desired place of the screen. This placeholder should automatically have the 'Style' with "display: none;". Besides it would be nice when there would be a syntax check. 

It would also be great when the space on the screen would not be filled with this object. Maybe there should be some sort of an icon that shows that there is a Javascript on that specific part of the screen, but not really a block or container that basically changes the screen when developing. 

Created on 19 Feb 2019
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Working on it
expected delivery in Q4 2019

Hi Martijn,

Thanks for your idea. 

We are currently working on the next generation of web applications, that will allow you to create JavaScript without having to write any of it, by just creating logic in Client Actions. In the rare cases where you do need JavaScript (e.g. to create a library that integrates with an existing external component), you'll be able to add scripts (and even define dependencies between them) and to use JavaScript nodes in the middle of flows, with typified inputs and outputs. This experience should be very similar to the current Mobile Apps. 

With all this we expect that you'll need a lot less JavaScript, and that when you do need it your life will be easier.

Tiago Simões