Import REST API's with Swagger 3.0
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I would like to be able to consume REST API's with Swagger/OpenAPI version3 definitions. It would also be nice to be able to import YAML, instead of  only JSON.

Another nice thing would be to be able to use API's documented via

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I am also very interested in Swagger 3.0 because more and more the older versions aren't available anymore.

2020-04-15 12-37-36
Daniël Kuhlmann

Yes please!

Waiting for this too.

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Hi Wouter Baeten,

Thanks for the feedback.

How often to you encounter the new swagger 3.0 specification on your projects?


Well, I'm in a presales / solution architect role and there I'm receiving questions around this regularly.

Thanks, Fernando.

I want to use Azure API Management to act as the gateway for APIs at my company.  It expects OpenAPI v3.  Writing APIs in OutSystems is a hassle with API management, as I have to jump through conversion hoops both directions... convert up to OpenAPI v3 to expose, and down to Swagger 2 to consume.  Would be preferable if it were seamless.

2018-05-06 02-00-14
João Melo

This would be a nice one!

This would be really nice. We just tried to consume a delivered API with Swagger 3.0, and found out this isn't yet supported in OutSystems. This API will be a very core part of our application.

This would be useful.

Waiting for this.

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on 05 Jun 2020

Hi Wouter,

We have just released some enhancements on the OutSystems platform REST consumption capabilities that enable the consumption of some specification of OpenAPI 3.0. On this release we have not included all patterns available on OpenAPI 3.0, however, we have implemented a few that we believe unlock the feasibility of importing OpenAPI 3.0 REST web services.

I'll suggest creating separate ideas for YAML and SwaggerHub.


Thanks Fernando!

I've also created 2 separate  ideas for YAML and SwaggerHub.