Global exception handler without screen navigation possible in web apps
Platform Server Release Oct.2019

We develop OutSystems apps on top of an existing database. The database can give 2 types of errors: Functional errors and Technical errors. In mobile we can handle these errors centrally in the global exception handler. 

This is possible because we can stay on the same page. For functional errors we modify the error given by the database and show as a message on the current screen.

In web however we cannot do this because no "End" action is possible in the global exception handler. In the global exception handler you always have to move to an error page. 

So I'd like to have an "end" endpoint too in the global exception handler of webapps.

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on 02 Oct 2018

Hi Matthieu,

Thanks for your idea. As you might know, we have recently released reactive web apps, that take the best of what mobile apps have to offer, and builds upon that with several improvements.

One of the things that is similar in these new web apps is the exceptions handler that works similar to the mobile ones.

Thanks again for your ideas and keep them coming.

Tiago Simões